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Columns, Trim and Molding

Columns, Trim and Mouldings are a big part of what Augusta Sash and Door can do to make homes more beautiful. A lot of the trim and moulding is stored in-house. Columns and other material come from our respected providers. There are many mouldings that are in older homes which can be either no longer made or they may have changed slightly over the years. We always strive to have our customers walk away with the moulding they need and will check with various providers to find the moulding that you are looking for. 

Round Fiberglass Columns

Round Fiberglass Columns | Augusta Sash & Door

Fiberglass columns from Augusta Sash & Door are a satisfying combination of modern-day technology and low maintenance care. Each column shaft is produced with the lower one third straight and the upper two thirds tapered, creating a correct architectural entasis. Entasis, attributed to ancient Greek architecture, is the slight convex curving of the column shaft resulting in a most pleasing appearance.Fiberglass columns are available in plain and fluted shafts. Our fluted round columns are cast fluted, resulting in a crisp, deep and architecturally correct Ionic flute. Round fluted columns are available in a wide range of sizes from 6" through 18" in diameter. The columns are a composition of cast glass-reinforced polymers which offer exceptional strength and durability. Priming and painting with an oil-based or latex coating is all that is necessary after installation.

Square Fiberglass Columns

Square Fiberglass Columns | Augusta Sash & Door

Square fiberglass columns offer an alternative to the more traditional round columns. Augusta Sash & Door's plain square fiberglass columns in 8", 10" and 12" diameters up to 1' length are made from specially formulated glass-reinforced polymers with a one-piece shaft and applied astragal with an attractive capital and base molding. ASD's square fiberglass column is both lightweight and strong, resulting in a column that is easy to handle, water-resistant and impervious to moisture-related problems.

Wood Columns

Wood Columns | Augusta Sash & Door

The Colonial column is double bead available both plain and fluted and is manufactured with a double bead molding. The Colonial column has a gradual straight taper. The Authentic wood column is also available plain or fluted and has a double taper approximately one foot below the top of the shaft. The exaggerated taper gives the authentic column a distinctive appearance at the neck molding of the shaft.Typical options for wood columns include: cutting at the bead, cutting to overall length, altering flute length, prime one coat, prime/sand/prime, application of asphaltum, splitting, and splining for reassembly.Non-tapered stock wood columns are available in plain or fluted styles. They can be produced with or without a Colonial bead. Square or boxed wood columns are also available in plain or fluted styles. Square wood columns are shipped unassembled (kd) for finished assembly at the job site. Sizes available are 6', 8'?, 10' and 12'?.

Tapered Columns

Tappered  | Augusta Sash & Door

Much like the other popular columns, these columns are mostly made with PVC and are very good for areas that experience a lot of moisture. These modern columns can be found in many homes around Augusta, and are most popular on homes that are looking to achieve an industrial look to the exterior. Unlike other columns, these columns are large at the bottom and become smalled at the top. They come in various different sizes and can be special ordered to customize any homes final look.