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Augusta Sash & Door Company officially began in January of 1955 as a partnership between W.B. Badger, G.W. Taylor, and A.D. Kidman. The business was originally positioned on Ada Ramp Walden Drive, Augusta, Georgia. After four profitable years, the company was incorporated on July 24, 1959. The business supported the manufacturing, assembling, processing, and sales of windows, doors, moulding, cabinets, millwork, and other construction products.


In 1962,

the company planned the first of many expansion initiatives. The property on Wilkinson Road, Augusta, was purchased for its facility's new foundation. Construction of the truss and wall panel assembly plant, door shop, office, and warehouse soon followed. It was then that the company planted its roots in the home industry under the leadership of Mr. Taylor and Bill Warlick, who joined Augusta Sash & Door in 1961 from Howard Lumber Company.

door making
In 1975,

Mr. Taylor and Mr. Warlick took sole ownership. They have been committed to being an influential force in the Augusta community through donating and volunteering to help youth activities and civic and church activities. Augusta Sash & Door has been an active member of the Construction Suppliers Association, with Mr. Bill Warlick, serving as a director and a trustee.

On August 1, 2000,

the company was sold to W. J. (Billy) Badger and is now affiliated with the Howard Lumber Company. It is operated as Augusta Sash & Door Sales of Georgia, Inc. Our manufacturing, shipping, and warehouse facilities are still located on Wilkinson Road, Augusta, Georgia with our sales office and showroom located at Howard Lumber Company on Columbia Industrial Boulevard, Evans, Georgia

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